Shootingsport association Club Kaliber

Club Kaliber has a uniqe accommodation at one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam city. We have a cozy cafetaria from where you can enjoy the activities on the shooting range through a viewing window. For the devotees there is also a dartboard. Virtual tour

Club Kaliber was founded on January 31, 2001.

We are certified and affiliated with the KNSA
(Royal Dutch Shootingsport Association).

Our membership consists of 70 to 80 people, both men and women.

We have 5 shooting ranges of 20 meters. On these ranges is allowed to shoot with rifle caliber .22, pistol and revolver in the calibers .22 / 7.65mm / 9mm / 9mm short / .38 / .45 and 357.
Of course the club has weapons in all these calibers and they are completely, free of charge, available to members.

We only shoot paper targets, approved by the KNSA.